I created GreenMa in 2015 after the birth of my son Hector. The need to find meaning again and independence after having worked for 10 years in agri-food marketing. I grew up in a very sensitive family to ecology, good food, homemade, seasonal products. A professional reconversion in Lyon after making children’s books on fruits and vegetables … Fantastic meetings of entrepreneurs, mentors, a herbalist … In a world where our tastes are too often altered and far removed from true flavors, I wanted to rediscover the guenine taste of nature, through the benefits of medicinal plants and tea. Marvel at the richness of the plants, concoct healthy and tasty recipes of organic herbal teas and teas. A strong and committed environmental approach. In 2017, GreenMa expands with a range of soaps and organic candles designed in line with our Mama infusions. Quality, ecology and design are my pillars and apply in all my choices. Welcome.

Cecile, founder of GreenMa.