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Our goal is to offer you high quality organic products that are good for our health and for the environment.

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Our suppliers: we have selected them according to a strict quality charter without skimping on the taste, the visual quality of the plants in order to always offer you a good, organic and nice product.

Made in France :

  • 80% of our herbal teas (excluding tea obviously) are French and come from pickers. It is important for us to promote local agriculture and ensure the least possible transport to limit our environmental impact. Wa have wonderful plants, support them !
  • Our soaps and candles are handmade in France according to our own recipes.
  • Everything is packaged next to Metz (East of France) by Laurence and Corinne in our workshop.

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Our Zero Plastic commitment : this objective is essential for us and will be found everywhere: from our packaging to our parcels. That’s why all our packagings are made with natural materials. To send your orders, we protect products with corn biodegradable and compostable particles.

Our Zero Waste approach : you will not find any plastic in our packaging. Our jars are made of glass, which is a noble, recyclable and neutral material. The glass is smoked and has an anti-UV treatment to preserve the flavors of our teas and herbal teas. Finally, all our products can be bought as a refill, so you can keep your jars and refill them. 

The organic certification : All our products are certified organic by ECOCERT.

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